onsdag 3. oktober 2012

Group 3
In the last two days we have preparing the tree samples.  

The tree ring project

We have been in the forest and drilled in tree’s we have tree examples of what we have do. It’s very interesting to work with the trees. To find out how old it is and which weather it’s have been for many years ago. We have compared our samples with network data from yr.no.

Taking samples from tree number 1 B - Group 1

torsdag 19. januar 2012

Krokstadøra Oppvekstsenter - field work desember

As you can see in the pictures it was snowing when we did our fieldwork in desember 2011.  It was cold, but the tree ring sampels we took looked fine.  We haven`t analyzed our samples yet, but we will soon do so.

torsdag 15. desember 2011

School for nurses Vrapce - our The Tree Ring Site

Hello :)
We chose a very cold, foggy day to go to our site, but we managed to find and mark
the pixel.We are very proud of our endurance and skills because we also
took tree ring samples of 57 years old black pine trees.
Now we are processing them. It's fun!.

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